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Call for Participation


Dear Colleagues,

The Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping will have a workshop from 2pm on July the 2nd, 2011 at IGN (Métro: Saint-Mandé, Paris). The room is "L1" or "Salle L1." (Salle means room in French)


Takashi MORITA "Reflections on mapping phenomena regarding the recent East Japan tsunami disaster"

Masatoshi ARIKAWA "New Trends of Ubiquitous Mapping in Japan including augmented reality applications for car navigations"

Tenenujka BANDROVA "Early warning and crises management in children aspect"

Haosheng HUANG "Incorporating collaborative filtering based Behavior prediction into Location Based Services"

Tomoyasu MARUYAMA "Context based data input method in case of field survey after the East Japan tsunami disaster"

Those who want to join the workshop, please contact to the chairperson .

How to get there:
Location of IGN on Google Maps
Handy guide for visitors of the IGN: Welcome to IGN

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